As a wedding gift my wonderful-designer-sister-in-law did a mini makeover in our bedroom. But, there is one wall that we just have a giant TV on and no art. I was trying to figure out a way to add a little art to the wall without it costing us too much and without it being too intrusive, in case I change my mind in a month, which is definitely a possibility.  Working for a place that I can print almost anything I need has its benefits. But, having to frame those prints is a whole other matter. As you know, framing can get really expensive and it’s nice to have options that not only look great, but can also save you money and can be done quickly. This frame took me a total of half an hour and less than $10 for each hanging frame (Since I already had most of the supplies, it actually only cost $5 a piece for the wood and nails).  The art I started with was 18″x30 piece of stock art and I had two, but this is easily customized to whatever size your art or photograph is. I’m thinking that a treatment like this could look amazing with our family photographs in a hallway. I printed this art on rolled canvas on this printer. But there are a number of online companies that you can order custom prints from that will print on rolled canvas like this one or this one.

Here are the things you will need:
Measuring Tape
Stain or Paint
foam brush or rag
Clear Coat Polyurethane
Nails – 1.0mm x 12.7 mm
Jute Twine – cut to length
plastic gloves
drop cloth
Wood – I bought (3) 48″x2″ – 1/4″ thick poplar wood at Home Depot (but I think any craft store has them as well), I then cut them down to 8 – 18″ long pieces.

Starting with the 48″ length boards, cut them down to the width of your art. I used a miter saw, but you could easily use a hand saw. You will need 4 lengths for each piece of art (two for the top and two for the bottom)

Inexpensive Framing

After the boards are cut, you will want to lightly sand the ends and sides to make sure everything is smooth and finished. I used a darker stain for mine, but you could paint or stain these using your choice of finish. Don’t forget to use your plastic gloves or you might end up with stained fingers. Once the stain had dried I sprayed them down with a clear coat polyurethane in a semi-gloss finish.

Inexpensive Framing

Once your stain and finish coat are dried, tie a knot at the end of your length of twine and lay it on the back. I taped mine in place just so it didn’t move, this tape will be covered by the canvas and top board.

Inexpensive Framing

Layer the canvas on top of the twine and two boards, using your hammer, nail the boards together from the back. I used approximately 4 nails evenly spaced out. Repeat this process for the bottom of your canvas.

Inexpensive Framing

And there you have it. You’re done. I promise, it’s that easy.

Inexpensive Framing

Inexpensive Framing Inexpensive Framing

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Love that I can do a framing project like this in an afternoon and add art anywhere I need in my house. Now, go get some prints and get to framing!

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