I’ve been slowly trying to work on Analiese’s room and make it more functional and pulled together. In the process, I ended up pulling out all the items from her bookshelves (she has two that flank a window) and the stuff just laid there on the ground, for a couple weeks, and not in a very neat and tidy way. The house cleaner came yesterday and was nice enough to put things in piles for me in the corner of the room. Have you ever done that, where to get to the finished organized, beautiful end, you had to make a huge mess of the space in the first place? Somehow, this happens to me. A lot. Maybe because I can turn a blind eye to the disaster and only envision the beauty. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Sean doesn’t feel the same way and can only see the mess. I’ve had to learn balance and the art of clean up (why did it escape me in this instance? I’m still a work in process).

In the meantime I have some other minor projects that are coming together around the house. My sister in law just dropped off some tables that she couldn’t use in a stage and we are switching out our couch over the weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to show some finished items pretty soon, although it seems like our summer is filling up pretty fast. But, making a house a home is a constant thought on my mind and making a mess as part of that creative process always seems to be happening here.

Favorite Finds this week:

I love these charcoal prints, I wish there were two to balance out my dining room

How cute is this pencil holder?? I might have to order it for my desk, it’s so cute!

Ever since I saw all the African mudcloth panels at the Long Beach flea market I’ve been drooling over all these pillows.

I’ve been eyeing these shoes for awhile. I just need to go out and buy them already.

Are you looking for a new job? Creative Market has some great unique resume templates available.

Our outdoor rugs that we got are on sale for a ridiculously low price. So far, ours have been holding up great to all the traffic and weather.

Need a book this summer to read? Have you read The Paris Wife? I loved this book! It’s a historical fiction about Ernest Hemingway’s second wife and living in Paris in the 1920’s. I love a good historical fiction and this one definitely doesn’t let you down.

Have a great weekend friends!